Samsung S8 Latest News; Release Date and Features Unveiled  


With the continuous circulation of rumors about release dates, features and other things related to the new Samsung Galaxy S8, a lot of people are getting restless and excited for their comeback. There are speculations about the Samsung Galaxy S8 according to their teaser videos and insider information making the patrons of their product more and more excited.

Updates and features

A lot can be expected from the Samsung Galaxy S8 since the company has to prove themselves again due to the unfortunate situation regarding the Note 7. Even with that problem, people are still trusting Samsung to deliver another modern yet practical mobile phone that is truly wonderful.

Recent updates say that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be released this February 2017, a day before the opening of the MWC or the Mobile World Congress. In terms of the services or features this phone can offer, it can be expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 app will be more stronger than most of their models, water resistant, better camera, longer lasting battery life and will remove the home button and replaces it with a whole touch screen monitor to make it easier and efficient to use.

Along with the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes its better counterpart, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, which is slight better than most phones out there.

Samsung have once again; pull a trick out their sleeves in order to prove themselves that they never going to give up from that situation.


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