Security Issues with Wireless Keyboards Raised  

Bastille, a cybersecurity research firm based in San Francisco, has raised concerns regarding Wireless Keyboard Security.


The firm has found that keyboards wirelessly connected to computers can be intercepted by attackers, up to 250m away. These keyboards were found to be able to transmit signals, making it possible for hackers to actually know what you’re typing from that distance.


None of the 12 companies found to be manufacturing these keyboards have taken action with regards to this issue.


Bastille representatives went on saying that they did not expect data to be transmitted in clear text through various materials and surfaces. The data was so clear, that no encryption was needed.


The keyboards deemed vulnerable include those which were found to utilize radio signals to transmit what was being typed on the keyboard. Attackers can also control the wireless keyboard through inserting keystrokes. Also, these devices would remain vulnerable for attack, as the firmware which these devices operate on can’t be updated. Also, the invasion is so passive, that victims may not even know they are already being attacked.


Wireless keyboards manufactured by other companies, however, did not show as much vulnerability.

A similar issue has also been found with wireless mice in a research made earlier this year.

To help prevent this issue, it is advised to use a wired keyboard, or one which connects to pcs via Bluetooth, rather than radio.


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