SETI’s Recent Alien Contact; Mysterious Signal From Deep Space


The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is the leading organization in humanity’s quest for the search for alien life in the universe. As of now, it is investigating the incident where a strange spike of an alleged extraterrestrial signal was emitted.

It was traced that the signal came from a 6.3-billion-year-old star located in the Hercules constellation, which is about 95 light-years away from our planet. Such a find implies that life exists elsewhere, and this, in turn, leads to the possibility of an alien civilization existing in other places across the universe.


The Russian Academy of Science-operated RATAN-600 radio telescope in Zelenchukskaya, Russia was the one that detected the spike of the alleged alien signal on May 15, 2015. However, it was kept as a top secret.

Fortunately, Paul Gilster, an Interstellar space reporter, revealed the story, after acquiring a secretly-circulating paper from the researchers. The star is named as HD164595 and has a lot of similar characteristics in terms of the metallic composition of our own sun.

An Earth-like planet that is about the same size as Neptune is also found and is named as HD 164595 b. Gilster says, “There could, of course, be other planets still undetected in this system.”

Alan Boyle, the author of “The Case for Pluto” and the one person who tells the incident to Geekwire states, “The signal conceivably fits the profile for an intentional transmission from an extraterrestrial source. In any case, the blip is interesting enough to merit discussion by those who specialize in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.”

With this, SETI moved its Allen Telescope Array to the position of the star where the signal was received. The Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence (METI) will also use its own Panama’s Boquete Optical Observatory to dig deeper into the incident.

The 67th International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, on September 27, will be the event where the most thorough discussion of the received possible alien signal will be held.

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