U.N. and Google join forces against Climate Change

The United Nations (U.N.) has recently introduced a new software which aims to fight world-wide issues dealing with deforestation, production of food, and climate change, as part of the changes to its online platform.

Open Foris, powered by tech giant Google, utilizes satellite feeds of images to properly observe the environment and changes in forest covers and land use. It is free for anyone to use, from citizens who wish to be more aware on the conditions of their environment, to government officials and scientists who wish to evaluate the level the capacity of certain areas to store carbon.

According to FAO officer for forestry, Erik Lindquist, this software has helped speed up the map making process, from three whole years to just one week. This move has also helped them to prepare, compile, and analyse data quickly, as there are a lot of difficulties when it comes to knowing the exact condition of forests.

This software has greatly helped fast-track the process of knowing whether the condition of forests are either improving or deteriorating, also making the process of doing so more accurate. Apart from forest condition, this brand new software is also said to help monitor how land is being used, and its impact on carbon emissions.

Other features of Open Foris include being able to assess the over-all condition of water resources, and the feasibility of a particular place to be used as sites for refugee camps, through calculating the amount of wood in the area suitable for use as firewood.


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